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The BeOS Iconophile:

Welcome to BeOS Iconophile, the first (and only) site dedicated to Icons for BeOS.
4/20/1999 - Still no submissions. But i do have something new! I've compiled a set of colored folders (red, yellow, green, blue). The green and red ones were created by me, and the blue and yellow ones are from outside/inside sources. If you can do a better job creating/editing icons, send me your work. You'd think that after a week and almost 400 hits, SOMEONE would send in an icon, but Nooooo...
4/16/1999 - No submissions of any icons to this page by ANYONE yet. At this rate, anyone who enters an icon will win. Hmm.. Is it that you people don't make your own icons, dont think they're good enough or are just too lazy to zip them up and upload them. I'm sure you guys are busy coming up with some good ones for the contest. ;)
For those thinking of entering the contest, I suggest you use ArtPaint to convert screen captures or pictures to icons (before you send them to icon-o-matic). It's a pretty good image editor (not on par with Photoshop) but stil good nonetheless. You can get ArtPaint at BeWare on Be's website.
4/14/1999 - We are having an icon design contest. The prize for the winners? NAME RECOGNITION! You will get your name on this site in a big-ass font of your choice. The contest rules? Just design and send your best replacement for a 'standard' BeOS folder (mail, home, config, etc..). Mail it to us in a self addressed stamped envelope or email it to:
4/12/1999 - Ever since a link to here appeared on, I've received increased traffic. This site is just beginning right now, and as time permits, i will add graphics and make the site more interesting. Please be patient. Anyway, thx go out to beforever for mentioning me and this site.

in the meanwhile though....

This is under construction. links to icons will follow:
Jean-Paul Sartre's Existential BeOS Icon Action Pack - by Scot Hacker (picture of icons)
pic of house icon Home folder Icon (a better home folder icon) - by Ben Bowers
NEW--Colored Folders
PDF® Icons - by Jonas Sundstrom
Icons from the Artillion - by William Bull (converted by BeOS Iconophile) (picture of icons)
Instructions for using icons found on this site (gonna do this when i get a chance)

Please send me your icons. I'm not an artist by any means and this site will waste away without contributions from you! Rip off windows, next, amiga or mac icons. Hell, I dont care what you send.. Get your friends to make icons for BeOS. Submit them here
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I am not responsible for what anyone chooses to do with the icons or information found on this site. This is purely for educational purposes. If you find your icons or artwork on this site and would like them removed, please contact me. All trademarks and copyrights on this site are owned by their respective companies.
Thank you for visiting BeOS Iconophile
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